Classic 70s line-up of Status Quo reunite

It has been announced that the classic 1970s line-up of Status Quo – featuring mainstays Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt, alongside Alan Lancaster and John Coghlan – have reunited and will be working on new material followed by a few live appearances.

Drummer John Coghlan quit the band in 1981, while bassist Alan Lancaster left the band following an appearance at Live Aid in the summer of 1985.

It is a reunion that most fans have hoped for for many years, though always looked hugely unlikely. ┬áRossi says the “classic Quo” line up will co-exist alongside the regular Quo (with Rhino Edwards and Andy Bown), though suspects it won’t be a long-running project.

With two versions of Quo now existing and with the classic Quo primarily a vehicle to play material they’ve not played to an audience in decades, is this the last hurrah for one of Britain’s fondest loved rock outfits?

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