Thee new Green Day albums to be released before next January

It’s been almost three years since the release of Green Day’s last studio album, ’21st Century Breakdown’. It’s also been known for some time that the band were busy writing new material.

It has been officially announced via Billy Joe Armstrong’s own twitter account that fans can definitely expect new material to be released before the end of 2011. Since Green Day have a habit of being fairly prolific when it comes to songwriting, the band now have a huge stockpile of unreleased material.

The official word is there will be three album releases between an undisclosed date this year and January 2013!

Titled ‘Uno!’, ‘Dos!’ and ‘Tre!’, fans can expect some of the new material to stretch Green Day’s musical boundaries even more than before. At the time of writing, no track listings have been confirmed, though it is strongly believed that some of the material premiered at a secret show in August 2011 will see the light of day.

Expect more updates soon.