Metallica’s visit to Mexico extended

Metal titans Metallica have already sold out five Mexico City dates on their current tour. Shows on August 1, 2, 4-6, 7 sold out quickly and due to fan demand the band have added a sixth date.

Mexican fans can now catch Metallica at the Sports Palace, Mexico City on August 9th and witness a lengthy live set which is said to revisit various eras of the band’s history.

The current Metallica live show is said to be twice the size of that seen on the ‘Death Megnetic’ tour, which began in 2008.

UK fans will next witness the Metallica live show in June when Lars and co headline the 10th Download Festival. A special set will include the 1991 multi-million selling ‘Black Album’ (official title ‘Metallica’) played in its entirety.

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