Holmes begins Kickstarter campaign for 4th album

Cult power-pop hero Holmes (aka Roy Shakked) has begun work on his fourth release and he needs your help!

For the follow up to 2011’s excellent covers album [entitled ‘Covers’, read a review here], Holmes has started a fundrasing campaign via Kickstarter.

He says: I’m currently working on my 4th album release, independently. All songs have been written and about a third way through recording I find myself slowly crawling along without financing. I’m here asking for your participation & help in finishing the recording process and starting up touring and promotion. Though it would take much more money to check everything on my “to do” list, our $10,000 goal will be indispensable for me, my fellow musicians, engineer, graphic designer and everyone else involved.

The music on this album is my best yet and your support could be the difference between just a nice sounding product that takes months to complete and a pristine sounding album, finished only weeks from now and promoted properly. You give – you get back – CDs, T-shirts, live shows, personalized songs and more!

By pledging a few dollars, you can make difference and also get sent cool stuff! You know you want to!

Check out the details here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/485020017/new-holmes-album