Faith No More confirmed for UK Sonsiphere Festival 2012

The first selection of bands for the UK Sonisphere Festival have been announced.

Faith No More have secured the headline slot for the third day, making a rare UK appearance, while KISS and Queen featuring Adam Lambert will headline the Friday and Saturday nights respectively.

Also set to appear are Lacuna Coil, Cypress Hill, Marilyn Manson, comedian Tim Minchin and Incubus.

The festival takes places at Knebworth Park on 6th-8th July 2012.

REAL GONE says: It’s great that Faith No More are going to appear in the UK again. However, the other supposed big draws are very tired… The KISS show is great, but a bit creaky compared with a few years ago, while “Queen” featuring a talent show winner? There are no words to describe this. A festival priced ticket to watch what’s effectively the most overpriced tribute act in the world??? No way. Dear Mr May – Queen is dead. Just by putting the Queen logo on things does not make it Queen and it never will. The Queen cash cow has been milked to death; the milk has gone sour. Stop it…please. Just stop.