Devin Townsend: DVD box set to be more extensive than originally planned

Somewhere back near the beginning of The Devin Townsend Project, Devin Townsend announced the “Project” would be completed with four live shows dedicated to playing each of the DTP albums (‘Ki’, ‘Addicted’, ‘Deconstructed’ and ‘Ghost‘) in their entirety and filmed for a box set release at a later date.

Reports suggest that the DVD box set – now entitled ‘By A Thread’ could appear as early as June 2012 and now looks to be bigger and more expansive than previously thought.

In addition to the four live DVDs – all filmed in London in November 2011 – the box is said to contain soundtrack CDs of each gig. Since CDs can only hold up to 80 minutes of audio, taking the encores into consideration, this means each gig is too long to fit on a single CD, so according to Townsend himself, ‘By A Thread’ now looks likely to be “like, a 10-disc set or something ridiculous…

Also during his interview with AOL music, Townsend announced his plans to start on a new record in March. His first new work for 2012, ‘Epicloud’ is said to combine various elements of his past work.

Townsend: “Over the course of the full record, there’s sort of new agey stuff, jazzy stuff, really heavy stuff. We basically cover the gamut. ‘Epicloud’ is the first record that I felt confident enough to include all those things on one record so it goes between melodic hard rock to schizophrenic heavy metal to country to really ambient stuff and it’s all in one place. I’m using a gospel choir, a string section and a horn section for this one as well. On ‘Deconstruction’, I got to use the Prague Philharmonic and really go far into making an absurd album as over the top as possible and on ‘Epicloud’ I’m trying to take the same advantages to make some things musically very pleasing, as opposed to just claustrophobic.”

[quotes courtesy of AOL Music]