Unheard Thin Lizzy material to be released as box set in 2012

An archive of 700 unheard Thin Lizzy recordings has surfaced almost three decades after the band’s original split.

A huge selection of recordings which was reportedly given to a fan by Phil Lynott himself shortly before his death in 1986 is reportedly back in the hands of Universal Music, and plans are being made to release the best of these recordings as a box set at some point in 2012.

The recordings, dating from between 1971 and 1981 are said to contain verious alternate takes and demos of well known Thin Lizzy tracks as well as songs never before heard. Surviving Thin Lizzy members Brian Downey and Scott Gorham will supposedly have final say over which recordings from this colossal archive will get to be heard by the public.

At the end of 2011, various archive Thin Lizzy recordings made for the BBC saw release as an extensive box set.

REAL GONE says: Regarding these newly found tapes, assuming the whole thing isn’t a hoax set up by someone to tie in with the anniversary of Lynott’s death, let’s hope Downey and Gorham let us hear everything in relative demo form as intended. It wouldn’t be right if they insisted on finishing things up and adding modern overdubs, as The Rolling Stones have with some of the ‘Exile On Mainstreet’ demos and as Lizzy did themselves with the ‘Dedication’ demo twenty years ago.