Tom Jones 7″ to be released by Third Man Records

Welsh legend Tom Jones is to have two new songs released via Jack White’s Third Man Records.

Jones recorded a new version of ‘Jezebel’ and a cover of Howlin’ Wolf’s ‘Evil’ during a session at White’s Nashville Studio. It is said the recordings will see release as a 7″, but as yet, no release date has been set.

The 7″ will likely be released as part of White’s ‘Blues Club’ series, which in 2011 featured a 7″ of Jack White collaborating with the supposedly controversial* Insane Clown Posse**.

*There’s nothing controversial about a couple of middle aged blokes in clown-face stomping up and down spouting misogynistic tat. It’s just sad. Also, there’s nothing insane about spraying teenage boys with soda pop.
** Surely it requires more than two people to make a ‘posse’?