Mike Portnoy’s Adrenaline Mob to release full length album in March

Adrenaline Mob, the all-star project featuring Stuck Mojo guitarist Rich Ward and ex-Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy, have announced the release of their first full length album.

‘Omertá’ will be released in March and contains the following tracks:

01. Undaunted
02. Psychosane
03. Indifferent
04. All on the Line
05. Hit the Wall
06. Feelin’ Me
07. Come Undone (Duran Duran cover, feat. Lzzy Hale)
08. Believe Me
09. Down to the Floor
10. Angel Sky
11. Freight Train

The release was self produced by Adrenalin Mob and mixed by Jay Ruston, a man whose credits include studio work on Anthrax’s 2011 return to form, ‘Worship Music‘.

The album will hit stores on March 13th.