CAVALERA CONSPIRACY: Pro-shot footage of entire gig at Hovefestivalen, Norway 2008

Sepultura’s 1990 release ‘Arise’ really put the band on the metal map. Both that album and it’s follow up – 1993’s ‘Chaos AD’ really tightened the band’s brand of thrash and bought them a vastly expanded fan base. By the time of 1996’s ‘Roots’, the influnce of Brazilian music played a bigger role in the band’s sound, something frontman Max Cavalera explored further with his band Soulfly following his split from Sepultura at the end of that year.

Whilst Sepultura continued to release solid albums and Soulfly were also incredibly strong, there were always fans who hoped for more music in the more traditional thrash vein of ‘Arise’. In 2007, they got their wish, as Max Cavalera teamed up with his brother Igor – also ex-Sepultura – to form Cavalera Conspiracy, a band which celebrated a more straight ahead thrasy metal sound than either of the Cavalera brothers had played for years.

The band’s debut ‘Inflikted’ was a solid effort, but it was 2011’s ‘Blunt Force Trauma’ which really hit the mark. In terms of riffs, attitude and pacing, it was one of the year’s best no-nonsense metal releases. ‘BFT’ could almost be the follow up to Sepultura’s ‘Chaos Ad’ that never was.

To make the album even more essential for fans, it was issued with a bonus 80 minute DVD, capturing the band’s complete performance at the 2008 Eurockeenes Festival in France. Also that same year, they played an hour’s set at Hovefestivalen in Norway. Filmed for a live webcast, that performance – not available on DVD – can be seen below.