More Pulp reissues to be released in February

Pulp’s first three full length releases ‘It’ (1983), ‘Freaks’ (1987) and Sepearations are to be released via Fire Records in February 2012.

The band’s pre-fame releases have attracted a cult following over the years and have been reissued various times previously, but the 2012 releases are set to be the definitive versions of the early works of the fledgling Pulp.

‘Freaks’ deluxe tracklisting:

1. Fairground
2. I Want You
3. Being Followed Home
4. Master of the Universe
5. Life Must Be So Wonderful
6. There’s No Emotion
7. Anorexic Beauty
8. The Never-Ending Story
9. Don’t You Know
10. They Suffocate at Night


11. Little Girl (With Blue Eyes)
12. Simultaneous
13. Blue Glow
14. The Will To Power
15. Dogs Are Everywhere
16. The Mark Of The Devil
17. 97 Lovers
18. Aborigine
19. Goodnight
20. Tunnel
21. Manon


‘Separations’ expanded traclisting:

1. Love Is Blind
2. Don’t You Want Me Anymore?
3. She’s Dead
4. Separations
5. Down By The River
6. Countdown
7. My Legendary Girlfriend
8. Death II
9. This House Is Condemned
10.Death Goes To The Disco
11.Is This House
12.Countdown (extended version)


‘It’ expanded tracklisting:

1. My Lighthouse
2. Wishful Thinking
3. Joking Aside
4. Boats and Trains
5. Blue Girls
6. Love Love
7. In Many Ways
8. Looking for Life