GUNS N’ ROSES: Pro-shot footage of entire 3 hour LA gig, December 2011

‘Chinese Democracy’ was a long time coming. It was never going to live up to the fifteen year saga which led to its release, but truth told, it was a much better album than most ever thought it could be. No, it wasn’t “classic” Guns N’ Roses (for the want of a phrase), but it contained some great, rockin’ tunes. The presence of the mighty Buckethead on some tracks was always likely to give things a sense of urgency if nothing else.

Over the following couple of years, Axl Rose and his revolving pick up band played various live shows – sometimes absolutely killing it, sometimes not, sometimes turning up late, sometimes upsetting South American fans. Wherever they go, there’s often a small amount of rock star drama.

Just before Christmas 2011, the band played a mammoth three hour set at The Forum, Inglewood, which was simultanously broadcast on ye olde internet. Despite some vocal problems, the setlist was solid enough: a selection of ‘Chinese Democracy’ tracks, a bunch of classic numbers, a world of lengthy solo spots and jams. There’s even time for one of ex-Replacements man Tommy Stinson‘s solo numbers!

For those with more spare time than they know what to do with, the entire performance can be seen below. While it’s great that G N’R have spent a huge chunk of 2011’s second half on the road, it’s a shame it came at the expense of Soul Asylum’s planned trip to the UK (their first for sixteen years…)