Rob Halford being sued by ex manager

Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford is reportedly being sued for $50 million (approx £32.5 million) in damages by his ex manager.

John Baxter, who had managed “the Metal God” from 1982 until the summer of 2011, alleges that Halford and other members of Judas Priest and its management team “committed fraud, breach of contract and intentional interference with contractual relations”.

According to Rolling Stone magazine, Baxter is allegedly owed millions of dollars for contract breaches, including failure to pay commissions, salary and expenses, which date back to 1992. Baxter is also claiming that his August dismissal – the news broken via Halford’s lawyers’ letters – has no grounding.

An official statement posted on the Judas Priest website reads as follows: “There has recently been some nonsense and propaganda posted on the Internet including on Rob’s website, regarding the band and management. (Rob currently is not controlling his website and absolutely does not agree with the comments). We refuse to get drawn into any public arguments – it is below us and will be dealt with legally.

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