Dan Sartain’s ‘Too Tough To Live’ due in January

Punk ‘n’ roll/rockabilly artiste Dan Sartain is to release a new album in January.

‘Too Tough To Live’ is Sartain’s third commercially available album (sixth overall, including self released and Record Store Day exclusives).  Clocking in at just 19 minues for thirteen songs, it promises to be Sartain’s most uncompromising disc yet.  Even better, ‘Now Now Now’ is a duet featuring The Go-Go’s Jane Wiedlin.

The ‘Too Tough To Live’ tracklisting is:

‘Nam Vet’
‘Now Now Now’ (with Jane Wiedlin)
‘I Wanna Join The Army’
‘I’m Aware’
‘Swap Meet’
‘Boo Hoo Hoo’
‘Indian Massacre’
‘Fuck Friday’
‘I Got Insurance’
‘I Can’t Go Home Now’
‘Even At My Worst I’m Better Than You’
‘In Death’

The album will be released on January 30th.