Damian Wilson to release anthology of solo work

Although best known for his work with progressive metal band Threshold (with whom he has spent three different stints as lead vocalist) and Ayreon, Damian Wilson has recorded a body of solo work over the past decade and a half.

His solo work has often been overshadowed by his recordings with other bands, but now it’s time for his solo career to get greater recognition.

On October 28th, Wilson will release a 2CD anthology of his solo works.  Besides choice cuts from the solo albums, ‘I Thought The World Was Listening: 1997-2011’ features unreleased material and a few re-recorded numbers.

Disc 1

01. Disciple
02. Commune
03. Beating Inside
04. Please Don’t Leave Me ‘Til I Leave You
05. Never Close The Door
06. One Life
07. A Long Way Home
08. Naturally *
09. Homegrown (original demo version)
10. Adam’s Child
11. Quietly Spoken *
12. When I Leave This Land
13. She’s Like A Fable (feat. Rick Wakeman)
14. Spin **
15. See You There ***
16. Wedding Song **

Disc 2

01. Array Of Lights **
02. Brightest Way
03. Light In The Middle
04. Smile
05. For The One I Long **
06. Warning Light
07. Moment Of Your Doubt **
08. Naked
09. Subway
10. Fine Weather *
11. Nothing In This World Remains The Same *
12. Just The Way It Goes
13. Feels Good
14. Nothing Without You
15. Part Of Me *

* New version
** Previously unreleased
*** Hidden track on Disciple