Garvy J: new track available for streaming/download

Boston musician Garvy J is currently working on a new album, which promises to be a hybrid of styles.  Before the release of the album, a new track, ‘War Is Over…Again’,  is available for streaming directly from his BandCamp page.


Here’s what the promotions people at Planetary Group have to say about Garvy and his upcoming release:

From his successful start in The Elevator Drops to noted studio and live musician, the Boston based artist Garvy J. has started to lay the seeds for his debut solo effort. Garvy J. and the Secret Pockets of Hope and Resistance have recently released the single, War is Over…Again, backed with Break You (C’est dans la tete). Being involved in music for over 15 years, he was able to draw on an extensive list of influences to create the album What if it All Works Out (2011).

The mixture of ambient, experimental pop, and alternative rock gave Garvy J. the ability to produce a “hybrid of genres.” The title song reads as a combination of rhythmic, ambient, and melodic hooks, and holds as a, “sort of positive meme reinforcement mantra,” says Garvy J, “a marker for the rest of the record to follow in many ways.”

Garvy J.’s work as the guitarist for The Elevator Drops proved successful throughout the ‘90s. They were known for their glam rock looks, equipped with full make-up, and their British-influenced sound, which garnered a wide following. Once named the new wave of new wave, The Elevator Drops were able to please both pop and alternative music fans. Their unpredictable performances brought out crowds and landed them as opening acts for bands such as Pulp, Garbage, Blur, and Echo and the Bunnymen. Their albums following the acclaimed Pop Bus (1996) had waning success, and eventually the three members began working on their separate projects. Garvy J. moved on to work as a studio and live musician for touring artists, such as Adam Green, Del Marquis, and Matt Sharp (The Rentals).

Beginning in his Los Angeles loft, the birth of his solo debut followed Garvy J. across the country and into the U.K. while touring with The Rentals. His initial recording methods were anything but usual. Garvy J.’s approach to self-recording went a step further when he built his own recording computer out of old parts he found at the town dump. He proceeded to record the majority of the album out of his friend’s basement studio in Newtown, Massachusetts.

Producing every song on the album by himself, Garvy J. was able to get production insight from Thom Flowers, Greg Brown, Joan Wasser, Tracy Bonham, Mick Flowers, and Scott Fitts. Although he played almost all instruments during the recording process, he gets help from Tommy Tulip, Scott Dakota, Tony Savarino, and Mike Piehl to round out the full Garvy J. and the Secret Pockets of Hope and Resistance sound. Still holding on to his love for visual and performance art, Garvy J.’s upcoming project will definitely be more than just a concert. 


Click here to visit Garvy J’s BandCamp page and stream/download the new track.