Avalanches’ ‘Since I Left You’ scheduled for a deluxe reissue

Australian dance/electronica band The Avalanches debut album is about to get the 2CD deluxe reissue treatment according to the Triple J website.

The Avalanches ‘Since I Left You’ is heralded as a ground-breaking classic among fans of electronic music.  While the use of samples within dance and electronica has always been the norm, The Avalanches took things a step further with their debut release which was constructed almost (if not) entirely of samples.  Some resports suggest that it took over three and a half thousand samples to create the finished album.

Upon it’s original release, the album became a top ten hit in the UK, with it’s two single releases, ‘Frontier Psychiatrist’ and the title track both hitting the top 20.

A decade on, ‘Since I Left You’ is to be released as a two disc anniversary edition.

The first disc will contain the original album, while a second will contain a whole bunch of remixes (with El Guincho, MF Doom, Canyons, Black Dice, Jackson and his Computer Band all said to appear), plus tracks by other artists remixed by The Avalanches.  It’s likely the second disc will also include some unreleased demos and rarities, though no official details have been released yet.