More reviews coming later, but first, to get you in a Christmassy mood, here are a few festive videos!

I know people who hate this, y’know – the fools. It’s one of the best Christmassy songs ever, even if Jona hadn’t intended it to be.

Like Jona Lewie, it’s only a mention of Christmas which gets this lumped in with Christmas songs, but I’m posting it because it’s great. The Pretenders never made a video for this, so watching them mime on Top Of The Pops with gurgly sound will have to do.

Who said disco couldn’t be educational? Okay, so this isn’t a Christmas song at all, but it is from a Top of The Pops Xmas Special…and Bobby Farrell’s stupid dance will never stop being funny. If you search YouTube, there’s a funnier clip than this, where Bobby’s beard falls off midway. (Warning: the above clip contains an intro by Noel Edmonds when he looked slightly different.)

…and finally, something which could be the best Christmas video ever.

Bob Dylan – Must Be Santa Claus: Just brilliant – look at the fun ol’ Bobby is having! Although, this is the most Jewish Christmas I have ever seen (oxymoron).

(Embedding has been disabled for this one, so you’ll have to click the link to go to YouTube. Trust me, though, it’s worth it!)

December 2010