P.O.D. – New song available for free download

Christian rap-metal/alternative rock outfit P.O.D. have been back in the studio working on an as yet untitled new album.  The album is expected to appear early 2012, but in the meantime, you can have a free download of a brand new song.

You can download ‘On Fire’ by visiting the band’s official website here.

It is believed that ‘On Fire’ will appear on the forthcoming album, but no official tracklisting has been decided at this time.

The band’s seventh album will be produced by Howard Benson, who last worked with the band on their 2003 release ‘Payable On Death’.  Benson’s previous production credits also include Bang Tango, Flyleaf, Papa Roach, Three Days Grace and Less Than Jake.

Pearl Jam: PJ20 – First Official Trailer

The first official trailer for the long-awaited Pearl Jam documentary “PJ20” has appeared online.

The new trailer features cameos from cult film director David Lynch and Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell.

You can view the trailer by visiting Pearl Jam’s Vimeo site here.

The film, directed by Cameron Crowe, whose other works include ‘Jerry Maguire’, ‘Almost Famous’ and the cult grunge relationship movie ‘Singles’, will make its debut at the Toronto Film Festival in September and will be followed by a limited theatrical release.

‘PJ20’ will also be shown in the US on the PBS channel on Friday October 21st.

Jimmy Barnes cancels solo shows

Australian music legend Jimmy Barnes has been forced to cancel upcoming solo shows due to ill health.

Barnes was taken ill earlier today (26th July) and subsequently sought a doctor’s advice.  According to a statement, there were concerns his illness may be heart related, though these have proved unfounded.

How many shows will be cancelled in the near future is unknown, but Barnes is not expected to return to live performance any time over the next month.

He hopes to be fighting fit at the beginning of September when he starts rehearsals for an upcoming tour with his band Cold Chisel.


The previous album from Murfreesboro, TN’s The Great Affairs (2010’s ‘Ricky Took The Wheels’) wasn’t a cast iron classic, but featured some great rootsy pop/rock tunes nonetheless.  During the first half of 2011, Great Affairs frontman Denny Smith turned his time towards other projects, including work his other band fORMER.   In between recording sessions for a fORMER LP, Smith and co recorded a handful of acoustic based numbers, which are presented on this EP.  While Smith is quick to point out this doesn’t necessarily mean the end of The Great Affairs forever, ‘Happy Endings’ is designed to provide a little closure for the first part of their career.

Whereas ‘Wheels’ showcased a mix of acoustic works and upbeat rock sounds from The Great Affairs’ repertoire, this EP is mellow – it’s six numbers concentrating more on the band’s acoustic rock and alt-country elements.  And since the previous full-length’s strongest parts were often its most laid-back, this release really shows the guys on top form.

‘Sick For Love’ sets the mood for most of the EP with its twin acoustic guitar framework.  Although it’s the solid rhythmic qualities providing the song’s main thrust, the featured solo (also acoustic based) has a timeless air.  These elements, when mixed with Smith’s slightly raspy voice, make this number comparable to The Faces in a rather melancholy mood.  ‘If I Know You’ doesn’t do much to change that said mood – but in honesty, it doesn’t need to.  There’s more of a harmony vocal than before (one which, perhaps, could have been a bit stronger), but the unfussy, Connells-esque arrangement is decent enough. ‘Stay Pretty’ features some top-notch slide acoustic/dobro work, while Matt Andersen’s basslines provide some great musical flourishes.  As is often the case, you’ll have heard similar stuff from various other Americana/acoustic bands, but even so, The Great Affairs more than hold their own here.  The superb arrangement makes it ‘Happy Ender’s best number – and it’s up against some strong competition.

For those looking for something with a more instant chorus, ‘Wild One’ is a track which more than supplies.  With a very memorable hook and vocal harmonies, this number would already be a strong one, but the addition of some electric guitar leads (very much in the country rock mould) really round out the sound.  It’s a shame the vocal seems to have been subjected to autotuning (purely for effect) on a couple of lines, but not to an extent it would spoil an otherwise great track. ‘See The Stars’ features another good mix of acoustic and electric guitar work, this time the electric leads come with a subtle ringing quality.  Musically, it’s great and should please all but the most stubborn fans of this kind of roots rock.  The songwriting doesn’t grab instantly, though, but a few plays in the pleasing melodies on the chorus start to stand out.  In contrast, ‘Bird on a Wire’ is definitely the EP’s rockiest number, since the acoustics are joined by an electric lead throughout.  Patrick Miller’s work is often sympathetic to the softer qualities of the music – his leads occasionally no more than punctuation – but by the track’s end, he can’t hold it in any longer.  During this rock-out moment, the band cut loose a little and Miller turns in a solo which would befit The Black Crowes, The Quireboys and their ilk.  It’s missing the good-time pub-rock piano, but even so, it’s a great number which sounds like it would work well within a live setting.

And so, after two full-length releases, these six songs close the door on the first part of a career.  If you liked ‘Ricky Took The Wheels’, chances are, you’ll really like ‘Happy Ender’.  If this is goodbye – at least for now – those who are likely to miss The Great Affairs have been given a superb parting gift.


June 2011

Damnation Festival: line up expanded

Courtesy of Hold Tight! PR:

English thrashers EVILE and Finnish folk metallers TURISAS are the latest names added to the DAMNATION FESTIVAL 2011 bill.
The duo – who will play the Jagermeister Stage at Leeds University Union on Saturday, November 5 – are joined by the progressive death of XERATH and a unique, one-off showing of A MAN CALLED CATTEN performing a Medulla Nocte set.Paul Catten said: “After listening to the Medulla Nocte albums for the first time in many years, I knew I had to play these songs one last time.
“A Man Called Catten is a tribute to this material, and my chance to do them justice…playing them as they were meant to be played; live, fast and very loud. I’m ecstatic to be able to perform them at Damnation where I have great memories from previous performances, and this is the one and only time you will hear a set comprising of nothing but Nocte tracks. Relive your youth…the fucking Cat is back!”Festival director Gavin McInally added: “Evile opened Damnation Festival when we still called Manchester home and following their meteoric rise – which is sure to continue with their new album – it’s fantastic to finally have them back at the festival, adding a much needed dose of thrash.
Turisas will no doubt be a surprise addition to many fans but when men with swords tell you they need a home for a night, you throw open your doors! We’re looking forward to a battle with some beers at Damnation as they trek across the country on their UK tour.
Xerath are a certain to kick-off proceedings in style while the prospect of seeing Paul Catten tearing through Medulla Nocte classics at his vicious best is going to leave the rest of the Terrorizer Stage with a difficult set to follow!”

Tickets are on sale, priced £29 and are available from See TicketsTicketline and Leeds Tickets

Tickets are also now available the official Damnation site and Facebook via Ticketscript

For more information visit the official Damnation Festival sites:
Web || Facebook || Twitter || Myspace