VARIOUS ARTISTS – Martin Green Presents: Super Sonics – 40 Junkshop Britpop Greats

To the Average Joe, the Britpop movement is likely best remembered by two major incidents: the Blur vs. Oasis rivalry which reached its peak in a race for the #1 spot in August 1995 and Jarvis Cocker’s stage invasion during Michael Jackson’s appearance at the Brit Awards in 1996. Neither had anything to do with the music itself, but were both big enough to over-excite the tabloid press. Those with more of a musical interest might also associate the period with great music from The Bluetones and Cast; hit-makers that managed regular chart appearances, but due to neither band having a tabloid friendly loudmouth a la Noel or Liam, weren’t always so sharp in making themselves known outside of the music papers. Both deserved much bigger success than Oasis.

For regular readers of NME and Melody Maker, Britpop covered a wider range of things and among the many indie bands that both helped shape that movement and subsequently rode on the coat-tails of the scene’s big sellers, there were a whole host of other guitar-driven heroes. For every two that made the charts, there were a dozen that were often left chasing that big breakthrough, despite regular press. In many ways, ‘Super Sonics’ is their story.

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When Gramma Vedetta released their ‘Proof of Concept’ EP in 2018, the world was a very different place. Their punchy blues/garage/stoner metal hybrid sound was squarely about entertainment. After recording began on a follow up, a global pandemic forced everything into shutdown and – like everyone else – the band found themselves with a different set of priorities. The planned album became a stop-gap EP and the lockdown situation also gave them lyric inspiration, so, in many ways, their 2020 release ended up being a very different beast.

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Listen: UK prog band The Tangent release first single from upcoming album

UK prog band The Tangent will release their eleventh album ‘Auto Reconnaisance’ in August.  For those who can’t wait to hear the whole thing from start to finish, the band have shared the audio for ‘Life On Hold’, a relatively short and really punchy track that showcases the band’s more chorus driven material.

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Brendan Benson shares new video for ‘Dear Life’ and announces new “live stream” series

Power pop legend Brendan Benson released his seventh solo album ‘Dear Life’ in April 2020.  A record that finds the singer songwriter exploring more of his beloved 70s inspired sounds, it’s title track feels especially retro with 10cc styled melodies cutting through everything and a heavy use of bass drum.

Brendan has created the perfect video for the song, with visuals that show him wandering around his home studio and playing various instruments.  There’s something about it that actually recalls earlier promo clips by the legendary Paul McCartney and Jeff Lynne, so it appears very apt for Benson’s lovingly retro sound.

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