Todd Rundgren’s Utopia reunite for US tour; box set coming soon

After 32 years, Todd Rundgren’s 70s prog outfit have re-united.  Rundgren has kept himself extremely busy recording and touring during that time, of course, but there were always a core of fans who hoped the band would one day return.

In 2018, Utopia will be touring the US, stopping at various major cities.  They’ll also be releasing a limited edition box set containing all 7 of their studio albums.

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The Great Seventies Project: 1970

In March 2017, we created a playlist of some of our favourite 70s tunes. In an effort to shake up our spare time listening, the playlist included none of the usual stapes. There were no tracks by Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy or Led Zeppelin and yet we still managed to create a golden listening experience spanning several hours.

The experience got us thinking. What if we were to create extensive playlists of music we liked – or maybe brought back fond memories – for each year of the decade? Would one year stand out above all others? With this remit and using only two or three tracks per chosen album (maybe stretching to one extra in the instance of a double platter), we set to work.

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