Formed in 2012, Belgian progressive/post black metal band Soul Dissolution have never been afraid to stretch the confines of black metal. Their 2018 album ‘Stardust’ mixed standard black metal ideas with some surprisingly melodic passages, resulting in something that often sounds like Drama crossed with a very extreme version of ‘Jester Race’ era In Flames, stretching extreme riffs into cold, bleak shapes.

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Deer Tick confirm new compilation release for February ’19

Cult indie/Americana band Deer Tick have confirmed they will release a new album in February 2019.

Entitled ‘Mayonnaise’, the album will feature re-workings of tracks from 2017’s critically acclaimed ‘Deer Tick Vol. 1’ and ‘Vol. 2’ albums alongside some well chosen cover tunes, including familiar material written by George Harrison and The Velvet Underground.

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Mixing skate punk, pop punk, melodic hardcore and scratchy 80s indie, Denmark’s Forever Unclean delve into a melting pot of sounds that can turn on a sixpence. It’s will full credit to the band that such a varied sound works as well as it does; if any of the musicians were in any way slack, the tunes on their 2018 EP ‘Woof’ could fall apart in an instant.

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I AM THE LAW – Hymn Of The Vulture EP

Prior to the release of their second EP ‘Hymn of The Vulture’, I Am The Law shared stages with Superjoint Ritual and Crowbar. They also cite Pantera and Lamb of God among their main influences, so, taking these facts on board, you could probably take an educated guess at what these Nashville based Southern metal overlords sound like before even hitting the play button.

…And you’d be absolutely right.

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