Aah, Boston. How we love you. Home to Buffalo Tom. Home to The Russians. Home to Aerosmith, The Lemonheads, Pixies, Mission of Burma, ‘Til Tuesday and countless other great bands. Boston is probably second only to New York as the US’s spiritual home of great rock music.

Boston is also home to The Neighborhoods, Watts, Tom Baker & The Snakes and Worshipper, all of whom have connections to The Dirty Truckers.

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Listen to a new track by Kris Rodgers

Kris “Fingers” Rodgers has been called “rock ‘n’ roll’s secret weapon”. The pianist has recorded as sideman with a truckload of underground bands in the US over the past decade and been a regular fixture with Kurt Baker, Mono In Stereo and the excellent Bullet Proof Lovers. In 2011, he started his own band, The Dirty Gems, as a throwback to old-school piano rock and by 2014, the Gems had become a fully fledged recording outfit.

At the end of July 2017, Rodgers releases ‘Losing The Frequency’, a high octane homage to the old days of AM radio. Expect huge hooky choruses and summer vibes with the piano out there, front and centre.

If you can’t wait until then, you can stream the excellent ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio’ below.


Somewhere near the end of 2015, Tom Baker (of Boston band Dirty Truckers) rallied round the troops and formed a side project, Tom Baker and The Snakes. A filthy and sloppy three guitar assault, The Snakes featured another face from the Truckers and the guitarist from Watts (albeit switching to drums!), alongside members of Gymnasium and Family Township. The resultant ‘4 Stars‘ EP flaunted a love of the Stones and The Replacments throughout and band’s shamelessly gritty sound represented the musical equivalent of diesel and dirt.

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BULLET PROOF LOVERS – Shot Through The Heart

In 2015, singer songwriter and power pop champion Kurt Baker capitalised on his escalating popularity in Europe by teaming up with a bunch of Spanish garage rock and bar band heroes…and Bullet Proof Lovers was born. Not so much out of necessity, but from fun, and the resulting mini-album (which had a belated US release in 2016) saw Baker tackling some of his punkiest tendencies since his days with The Leftovers.

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Stream new track from Bullet Proof Lovers before US release!

At the end of March, the second release from Bullet Proof Lovers hits US shores.  We got to hear it early at Real Gone and can confidently say it’s an absolute belter of a long-player.  Everything the previous mini-album promised comes through big style:  punky workouts, big chorus hooks and even more of the new wave aspects usually associated with frontman Kurt Baker’s solo career.  It’s got a little of everything needed for achieving that feel good factor.

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