SIGNAL – Signal EP

Not to be confused with the American AOR band fronted by Marcie Free in the late 80s, this twenty first century Signal play very ragged hardcore punk. The band’s rhythm section once comprised two thirds of the lo-fi garage punk combo The Meltaways and if you were ever a fan of that band, then Signal’s brash stance should very much appeal.

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Snuff added to MPF (Manchester Punk Festival) line-up

First announced back in October 2018, the MPF (Manchester Punk Festival) is set to take place over the three days of Easter Weekend 2019. Among the first wave of bands confirmed were festival favourites King Prawn and Sonic Boom Six.

Several dozen bands were confirmed over the coming months including Samiam, Subhumans, Call Me Malcolm, Goober Patrol and up and coming ska band Millie Manders & The Shutup.

The final wave of bands – now totalling in excess of a hundred – has now been confirmed, adding the mighty Snuff to the line-up. A very welcome addition, Snuff are one of the funniest bands you’ll ever see. If somehow you’re going to this event and haven’t ever seen them, you owe it to yourself to right that wrong.

More details, plus a link to the website, can be found in the press release below.


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DEBT NEGLECTOR – The Kids Are Pissed EP

Orlando four piece Debt Neglector’s 2018 EP ‘The Kids Are Pissed’ constantly treads a very fine line between angst and melody to bring six tracks that are often as big on chorus hooks as they are on riffs. For those who still lament No Use For A Name’s shift into a poppier realm (and subsequently their untimely demise), or love Hateful Monday, this is a must-hear.

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Real Gone’s End of Year Round-Up, 2018

In 2018, Real Gone celebrated its ninth birthday. It’s been a long and hard road to this point, but we’re pleased to be celebrating our most successful year online to date. Hundreds of new albums have been heard and a record number of gigs have been attended. Not only has this year been our biggest success…it’s also been our favourite.

Nearing the close of 2018, it’s time to look back and celebrate our favourite events – including our top ten  album releases…


Normally, each year has an album that’s a clear stand out. Making that distinction this time around has been somewhat trickier, so we’re awarding a joint “album of the year” to two very different albums. If that seems like a cop-out, we don’t care…there really was only a hair’s breadth between them.

Drum roll…

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Vinny and The Hooligans’ 2016 EP ‘Late Nights’ was a reasonably enjoyable punk release that drew influence from the more accessible end of hardcore, Good Riddance and Screeching Weasel at their most tuneful. The recording was a little rough around the edges and Vinny’s vocal wasn’t necessarily the most perfect, but the charm in the songs often shone through. Two years on and with a bigger budget, ‘Don’t Give Up’ – a pointed message for so many DIY punk bands – is an improvement on almost every level. Stretching Vinny’s talents to a full release and a bigger sound, its ten songs cover a variety of punk styles, but whatever the outcome, it’s a record packed with big hooks and a lot of love for New York.

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