Upcoming White Swan live dates

Canadian doom merchants and Real Gone favourites have some live dates on the horizon.  For details, see the below poster. [Poster can be enlarged by clicking]

Also, check out their storming cover of the Wings classic ‘Jet’ in the embedded video below.

You can also read a review of their excellent EP here.

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Mercy Brown heading out on tour

Washington based alternative/hardcore metal band Mercy Brown are about to hit the road again.  The dates are still promoting their self titled debut album and there’s no sign of new material just yet, but they’ve released a new video which you can watch in full below.  The featured track, ‘Correspondent’ gives a glimpse into the heavy thrills and huge riffs that fill the bulk of the album.

Mercy Brown’s confirmed live dates are as follows:

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SATARIAL – Blessed Brigit

satarial blessed brigit lpHow to describe Satarial? Aside from possessing a broad extreme metal tendency, this Moscow based outfit are almost impossible to pigeonhole. A rather clumsy description might be “operatic battle black metal”. It sounds implausible, but that’s kind of where the bulk of their inspiration comes from on their 2016 release ‘Blessed Brigit’. It should be a mess; it should be so confrontational that almost no-one would want to listen…but, somehow, their noisy sound collages are fascinating in their aural brutality – and after over a decade of plying their ugliness, the fact that they still sound so original and so vibrant is no mean feat.

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crank epFormed in 2010, Helsinki based rockers Damage Limit spent six years plying their trade on the live circuit and released a couple of demo EPs before taking the plunge and entering the studio to record their first professional release. The years of stage toil and sweat shows, too, since ‘Crank’ has an edge that very much sounds like the work of a hard-driving live act. Throughout the seven tracks, the riffs come thick and fast – aided by a reasonable crunch, too – and some of the hooks not only feel like they’ve been honed not just in front of an audience, but created very much with that audience in mind; a more than reasonable translation from stage to disc.

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ALTER EDEN – Tigers & Lambs EP

alter eden tigers and lambsAlter Eden’s first release – ‘Fearless‘, released in 2015 – showcased a world of heavy riffs, which combined with a few big hooks and a quirky vocal style made for some interesting listening. While some tracks were better than others, that EP showed no weak links musically speaking, which suggested that future endeavours would be equally good…if not better.

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