NATTERERS – Head In Threatening Attitude

Lots of bands claim to play hardcore punk, but quite often that means hardcore spliced with bits of metal and other genres that dilute the overall feel. On their 2017 EP ‘Toxic Care‘, Natterers genuinely meant hardcore, with buzzsaw riffs played at breakneck speed. Their only concession to any different style came via a few surf punk riffs, but since those were derived from the Dead Kennedys debut, even those had a shrill and unrelenting attitude that could only come from a hardcore perspective. Like a smack to the jaw, that EP was easily the best punk release of the year.

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ZEKE – Hellbender

Most people’s introduction to hardcore speedpunks Zeke was the ‘Super Speed Racing’ LP back in the mid 90s. It was an album that did exactly what it said on the tin: by packing in over twenty tracks in almost as many minutes, it wasn’t so much a long player as a sonic thrill ride set to shake teeth and bowels loose, all with a knowing grin. Zeke continued to bash out similar albums and sought after 7”s much to the delight of fans over the next decade, before bowing out with a final album ‘Til The Living End’ in 2004. A handful of retrospective tracks crawled out after that, but it seemed we’d heard the last of Zeke…but, to be fair, it’s impossible to keep up such a pace without reaching burnout. Thinking about it, it’s amazing they lasted as long as they did.

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Legendary punks 7 Seconds announce split

When people talk about US hardcore punk, they invariably talk about Black Flag, Agnostic Front, Minor Threat and the earliest days of Bad Religion.

Nevada’s 7Seconds – formed by brothers Kevin Seconds and Steve Youth – were an equally important component of the scene’s formation.  Via albums like ‘The Crew’ (1984), ‘New Wind’ (1986) they influenced a generation of fledgling musicians.  Whilst later albums took a more melodic route, the band never lost their knack for delivering a potent message.

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