REAL GONE GOES OUT: Lamb of God – Wembley Arena, London 3/11/2018

When Lamb of God headlined a cold January night at the Brixton Academy in 2014, their performance bordered on woeful. Bad sound, a short setlist and a lot of time spent talking between songs resulted in a massive disappointment. With hindsight, the night’s opening act wiped the floor with them. In an energetic half-hour slot, Huntress, fronted by the spirited Jill Janus, showed a lot of energy and a willingness to please the audience, obviously being more than aware of how hard it is to be a relatively unknown support band. After the revelation that Jill took her own life in August 2018, that set is now a memory to treasure. Lamb of God’s, not so much.

Wembley Arena is packed to the rafters this evening. The night’s event – headlined by Slayer, but also featuring Obituary, Anthrax and Lamb of God – is a metal fan’s dream. Obituary have shown themselves to be true professionals even as underdogs, and Anthrax – stalwarts of 80s thrash – have put on a really fun support slot, showing why they’ve retained their legendary status.

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Watch the new video from Hostile

For the uninitiated, Hostile are a groove metal band from the West Midlands. Their work values a heavy riff in the tradition of Pantera and Lamb of God and their first two albums were produced by the legendary KK Downing. So far, they’ve shared stages with Megadeth, Soulfly and Machine Head and their career is going from strength to strength.

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I AM THE LAW – Hymn Of The Vulture EP

Prior to the release of their second EP ‘Hymn of The Vulture’, I Am The Law shared stages with Superjoint Ritual and Crowbar. They also cite Pantera and Lamb of God among their main influences, so, taking these facts on board, you could probably take an educated guess at what these Nashville based Southern metal overlords sound like before even hitting the play button.

…And you’d be absolutely right.

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ALLFATHER – And All Will Be Desolation

In 2016, Allfather unleashed ‘Bless The Earth With Fire’, a hulking brute of an album that valued riffs over chorus hooks, resulting in a record that presented the very best in sludge metal recorded on a DIY budget. Extensive gigging followed, including bills shared with the mighty Morag Tong. Over the next eighteen months, the Kentish band drove big riffs into peoples’ skulls from small stages whilst simultaneously teasing about working on new studio material.

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Check out new music from Allfather

Sludge metal fiends Allfather are set to release a new album on September 8th 2018.  ‘And All Will Be Desolation’ is the Kentish band’s first full length release since 2016’s ‘Bless The Earth With Fire’.

If you can’t wait until then, you can get a taste of the new record from their new digital single ‘Black Triangle’.

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