‘Live It Up’ with a free digital single from Rum Bar Records signings Duck & Cover

Over the past couple of years, Rum Bar Records has delivered a truckload of great DIY music. We’ve seen great rock and releases from Watts, Kris Rodgers and K7s (featuring Kurt Baker). We’ve seen an equally impressive soul revue from Shanda & The Howlers.
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The hits keep coming… The label now has another free download for you in the shape of the new single from Duck & Cover ahead of the Summer release of their EP.

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When Brockley Forest released their ‘Die Has Been Cast’ EP in 2015, it felt as if the band had reached a turning point. While the raw garage blues of their previous releases still provided the heart of their music, the EPs songs showed a leaner, meaner Forest – slightly more commercial without selling out; by providing bigger hooks on bigger songs, they really stretched their musical talents.  Following a long gap between releases, Brockley Forest’s welcome return with 2018’s ‘Castaway’ is a step forward yet again. The production values on these three songs are terrific. Far removed from a garage based labour of love, the material has as much punch as that Royal Blood LP you all love – even though there are better exponents of that style – and the choruses are more than sizable.

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Watch ‘So Lonely’, the new video from the Kurt Baker Combo

There’s a new Kurt Baker Combo album on the horizon.  ‘Let’s Go Wild’ explores some new territory for the singer-songwriter and his band, moving further away from the usual power pop tropes and deeper into garage rock.  For those who love it rough and ready but still crave a big hook, the album serves up more than enough gems.

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