Watch: Sepultura – Live @ Rock In Rio 2001 (full show, pro-shot)

Following the departure of frontman Max Cavalera in 1997, Sepultura found themselves in the unenviable position of being the true underdogs of thrash/groove metal. Replacing a much-loved frontman is never easy, but in Derrick Green they secured a powerhouse performer; a man capable of bringing a new energy to the band’s old songs, and also maintaining a commanding stage presence.

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Watch: Metallica – Live @ Slane Castle, Meath, Ireland 6/8/2019

In the summer of 2019, massive gigs were commonplace, to the point of almost being taken for granted. Aside from the scientists who’d warned that a global pandemic might be a possibility in the near future – a warning that fell on governments’ deaf ears – people weren’t concerned about any health related disasters.

Metallica had reached the British Isles on the European leg of their ‘Hardwired’ tour and were delivering their typically lengthy set. Various shows were filmed for posterity, but their stopover in Ireland is potentially the most interesting, with the band surrounded by the historic grounds of Slane Castle.

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Watch: UB40 – Live At Hammersmith Odeon 1983

Throughout the 80s, UB40 barely put a foot wrong. Between their own politically charged anthems, experiments with dub and bringing several 60s Trojan cuts to a new audience, they became true ambassadors for reggae.

Given how good most of their 80s output is, it’s a shame that only two of their albums have been released as expanded deluxe editions, and two of their essential live VHS releases have still yet to surface on a digital format. This Hammersmith show from 1983 didn’t even get a sell through VHS release for the home market. If you’re ever lucky enough to find a copy that hasn’t gone to landfill, it’ll be a “big box” ex-rental with, by now, something of a dubious picture and sound quality.

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Watch: Them Crooked Vultures Live in Germany 2009

In the summer of 2019, Dave Grohl hinted at the possibility of a second Them Crooked Vultures album.  At that point, it had been a whole decade since the supergroup’s debut release, but fans had never quite given up hope of a return.  Grohl’s comments only served to fuel the rumour mill and in many ways it’s a pity nothing more materialised, as a brand new work involving John Paul Jones at that time would have outshone all of Jimmy Page’s non-existent efforts to mark Led Zeppelin’s 50th anniversary.

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