SKINNY LISTER – Down On Deptford Broadway

skinny-lister-down-on-deptford-broadwaySkinny Lister will be known to some as a band who’ve shared a label and toured with Frank Turner; to others, a band who’ve made regular appearances at festivals, their quasi-drunken jigs designed to gee up those unwashed tent dwellers well on their way to having a skinful of Doom Bar.  …And “designed” is somewhat of a sticking point here.  Where you may feel The Pogues had a natural flair for drunken gigs and aggressive performances – it’s well documented that the Pogues bought the party with them wherever, whenever necessary – with Skinny Lister, any relative rowdiness seems very much a facade.  Like Bellowhead (a bunch of public schoolboys trying to fool us into thinking they have deep traditions and folk roots) or Mumford & Sons (folk music for those who know almost nothing about folk music), Skinny Lister often sound as if they’re landing on their chosen bandwagon with a mighty thud.  The bulk of ‘Down on Deptford Broadway’ is faux folk of the very worst kind.

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Frank Turner, Joan Armatrading & Joan Baez confirmed for 2015 Cambridge Folk Festival

Joan Baez, Frank Turner, Peggy Seeger, Joan Armatrading and Passenger are among the first names to be confirmed for the 2015 Cambridge Folk Festival.   More acts will be announced shortly.

The full press release is detailed below.


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Real Gone’s end of year round up, 2014

Given the position Real Gone finds itself in at the end of our fifth year online, it might seemed clichéd to say it, but ever year seems to get better and better.  It’s been another brilliant year for discovering new music – particularly releases from underground and DIY bands, but also for discs from a couple of old favourites.  Culled from hundreds of albums to grace our stereo this year, presented below is a quick look at ten of our favourite releases, as well as a round-up of the more notable of the rest.

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Frank Turner to tour Australia in April 2015

Frank Turner is to tour Australia in the new year. The folk/punk singer-songwriter will play eight dates in all, across the country. A list of confirmed shows can be seen below.

Turner released a new compilation album ‘The Third Three Years’ on 24th November and is scheduled to start recording a new album before xmas.

Read a review of ‘The Third Three Years’ here.

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FRANK TURNER – The Third Three Years

FT ThirdFrank Turner is one of those artists who just never stops working. If he’s not recording a new album, he’s touring.  If he’s not touring, he’s recording radio sessions.  If he’s not recording radio sessions, he’s touring.  If he’s not touring, he’s recording extra material for b-sides or stand-alone EPs.  It’s no wonder that his solo career has spawned compilation discs of album length every three years.  This traditional taking stock resulted in a third compilation – predictably titled ‘The Third Three Years’ – in the autumn of 2014.  While this particular instalment of FT’s extra-curricular recordings is, perhaps, a little more reliant on covers and live/session material than the previous two anthologies, the twenty one track disc brings plenty of enjoyable material for the Turner fan.

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