EMPTYBROOK – Emptybrook EP

Summer in Finland is short. Very short, apparently. Maybe that’s why this band have chosen a moniker that at once conjures images of nature, only to couple the pastoral visions with the idea of something lacking. There’s no babbling brook here, no salmon leaping…just emptiness. It’s the near perfect choice of name as it turns out, as an empty brook suggests dashing hopes. Maybe it’s those dashed hopes that have made these four Finns so scathing, since Emptybrook’s music attacks with a scowl, a hardened vocal and an echoing reverb that’s deeply unnerving.

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Upcoming White Swan live dates

Canadian doom merchants and Real Gone favourites have some live dates on the horizon.  For details, see the below poster. [Poster can be enlarged by clicking]

Also, check out their storming cover of the Wings classic ‘Jet’ in the embedded video below.

You can also read a review of their excellent EP here.

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New video and tour dates from Death Metal Pope

Towards the end of 2016, Death Metal Pope invited you to their ‘Harvest’.  That EP presented some superb doom grooves and showed the future to be wide open for the Long Island metal band.  As part of the promotion for the EP, they’ve made a new video for ‘From The Dust Returned’, which you can watch in full below.  The clip shows why the EP was one of the best from last year and should open the door for those who missed the release first time around.

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white swan epAs part of the second wave of nu-metal, Kittie will always be best known for a couple of cult singles from their debut album, ‘Spit’. While one of those tracks, ‘Charlotte’ remains arguably one of their finest recordings, the all-female growlers carved out a career that by the end of 2016 had released six albums and had experimented with various metal-based subgenres. Band founder and drummer Mercedes Lander launched a new band near the end of that year…and on the basis of their first studio recording, The White Swan puts the entire Kittie catalogue in the shade.

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SPACEBEAST – Spacebeast

spacebeastImagine what Melvins might sound like if they played in a huge aircraft hanger, its empty space echoing each note and increasing the overall intensity. Or perhaps you took Cathedral and Down LPs and played them back at about 15rpm. That’s kind of the effect that you’ll get from hearing this five tracker from Portland sludge merchants Spacebeast for the first time.

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