HEYROCCO – Waiting On Cool EP

heyrocco 2016 epIn 2015, Heyrocco released their ‘Teenage Movie Soundtrack’ full-length. Its ten songs packed a whole bunch of retro sounds into under forty minutes, often playing like a love letter to the 90s with clear influences from Pavement, Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr. and Smashing Pumpkins scattered throughout. Good as it was, there wasn’t especially much, stylistically speaking, that you’d think might attract the ears of retro-pop superstar and producer Brendan Benson, but for part of their follow up release, Heyrocco were booked into his Nashville studios and naturally Benson found himself in the producer’s chair.

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lovers leap epIn 2013 UK singer-songwriter Nick Capaldi released his ‘Golden Summer‘ EP, a frighteningly mature work, worthy of a songwriter twice his age and experience. Not long after release, Nick started to talk of follow up plans involving a trip to Nashville. Those plans became a reality and in Nashville, he hooked up with legendary musician and producer Brendan Benson. The resultant four recordings, collected on 2015’s ‘Lovers Leap’ EP, felt like a long time coming, but were certainly worth the wait.

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Real Gone Exclusive: New video from Young Hines

In 2012, singer-songwriter Young Hines released his debut solo album, the Brendan Benson produced ‘Give Me My Change’ via Readymade Records in the US and Lojinx in the UK/Europe.

In on-going promotion for the record, he now has a new video for the track ‘Don’t Break My Fall’, which can now be seen below.

Here are few words from Mr. Hines regarding the song:

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