Check out ‘Truck’, the new track from The Fierce And The Dead

The last couple of years have really seen British art-rock band The Fierce And The Dead gathering momentum.  Their ‘Magnet’ EP contained some of their best work to date and also appeared on the Prog stage at the Ramblin’ Man Fair.

Quite understandably, there’s a fair amount of buzz surrounding their upcoming album, ‘The Euphoric’.   The album’s launch show at The Black Heart in London (May 18th) is the band’s biggest London headline show to date…and the forthcoming album promises some of their biggest sounds.

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God Damn unveil new video, announce short hiatus

They’ve had enough crossover appeal to play at both the Download and Reading/Leeds Festivals, shared stages with Foo Fighters and The Cribs and more.   Wolverhampton’s God Damn have now unveiled a new video for the devastating ‘I’ll Bury You’, a track that combines noisy art-rock elements with a sludge-fuelled riff.

The video marks the end of the current chapter in the band’s history.  They’re now about to take a short break and reflect before writing their next album.

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At the outset of their third EP ‘Perfect Holiday’, US art-rockers Los and The Deadlines ask one simple but important question.  From within the echoing walls of their studio space, a voice asks if [we’re] “ready to rock?!”, to which a louder voice retorts “YEAH, fuckin’ rock!”  This might seem like a horribly clichéd way to begin, but from that second on, this band are everything but clichéd, their huge array of riffs and noises setting out to twist their sound at almost every turn.

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In the summer of 2012, math rock/alt-metal act Wot Gorilla? really impressed us with their very technical third release ‘Kebnekaise’.

Many live shows followed the release of the album and the band really built up a following.  With this in mind, we expected to hear more from them – maybe hints that a new album was imminent by the end of 2014, given that a new track ‘Joints’ was posted on their Bandcamp page in July.

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MEMORY IN PLANT – An Epic Triumph EP

epic triumph epRarely content to settle, the sounds on this debut EP from Tel Aviv based avant-garde collective Memory In Plant are almost as surreal as their choice of sleeve art.  Their music is spasmodic, electric and occasionally just wilfully difficult.  That’s not to say for those of a certain disposition it won’t have entertainment value – in between the jump cuts and experimentation, pieces of great music creep through the cracks – but ‘An Epic Triumph’ is not always the easiest listen.

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