KARMA CLUB – Smile, It’s Good For You EP

They’ve been likened to The Cure, Foals and Bombay Bicycle Club. Their sound has more than a hint of The Killers in places and their debut EP features some great basslines which sometimes harken back to the UK post-punk scene. In these respects, from the outside looking in, Bath’s Karma Club might seem like the sum of various influences, but what they do with those influences sometimes results in a breezy and summery listen. Although their music doesn’t always reach too high in the originality stakes, this band’s musical talent and enthusiasm often gives the four tracks from their debut EP a decent send off.

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ALTER EDEN – Tigers & Lambs EP

alter eden tigers and lambsAlter Eden’s first release – ‘Fearless‘, released in 2015 – showcased a world of heavy riffs, which combined with a few big hooks and a quirky vocal style made for some interesting listening. While some tracks were better than others, that EP showed no weak links musically speaking, which suggested that future endeavours would be equally good…if not better.

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fiona brown epFiona Brown is a singer-songwriter songwriter whom – by her own admission – absorbs many influences into her work. On her 2016 EP ‘Demons’, there’s a little rock and pop, nods to things of a more soulful nature and more besides, but never in a way that makes the release sound like a directionless show reel of her talents. She prefers instead not to separate the influences too much. You could experience any one of them at any time and often within just one track. but perhaps best of all, though, her songs are cloaked in a shroud of darkness. Never a “woe is me” self pity, but a genuinely dark quality that informs the heart of her best tunes.

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Listen to a new track from Tokyo Tea Room

In 2016, Kent based psych/dreampop band Tokyo Tea Room made underground waves with their live shows and debut cassette.  Drawing influence from lots of early 90s artists, their sound showed great promise, with vocalist Beth Plumb’s angelic vocal style in sharp contrast to the drone of the guitar lines.  In a handful of tracks, the band set themselves up as one to watch – a rival to Ireland’s Elastic Sleep for dreampop/shoegaze goodness.

At the beginning of 2017, a new track began to circulate.  This, too, very much cements TTR’s place as bright lights on an underground scene.  You can hear ‘World’s Away’ in full via the Soundcloud link provided below.   [Watch the video clip for ‘Sleep’ here.]

KING COLUBUS – King Colobus EP

kcepBreathe out, breathe in…it’s time for the circus to reel you all in” exclaims King Colobus frontman Stewart MacPherson during ‘Tits & Teeth’ – very much a contender the most interesting track on the Devon-based band’s self titled EP release. Acting as part of the main hook, his unsettling request seems at odds with the old stage maxim at first, but it’s that unflinching contrast that makes the track so appealing. There’s nothing flippant about this performance; no greasepaint masking the true emotions. Nor is there anything nothing disposable about the surrounding heavy riffs or swathes of fuzz that drive the band’s sound. Here, perhaps more than ever, the band put across their musical intents with the most clarity. With a combination of stoner rock grooves, dark vocals and alt-rock leanings, these guys have solid foundations.

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