HARDLINE – Human Nature

hardline lpBack in the early 90s, the Gioeli Brothers (vocalist Johnny and guitarist Joey) attracted the attention of Journey guitarist Neal Schon. After drafting in Bad English drummer Deen Castronovo and forming Hardline, the band’s debut album ‘Double Eclipse’ was well received by the melodic rock community. It took a full decade until a follow up belatedly appeared and another eight years for the third Hardline album to materialise. You could say that Hardline make Metallica and Guns N’ Roses appear rather prolific. 2016’s ‘Human Nature’ – the band’s fifth studio album – reinstates guitarist Josh Ramos, absent for 2012 offering ‘Danger Zone’. This is something that will undoubtedly please fans, but it does mean that Hardline have featured a different line up on each release. There are some that have long thought that, in this repect, the band are basically Johnny Gioli and whomever he can find at the time of recording – and they’d probably be right – but if Johnny says it’s Hardline, then Hardline it is.

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MOONLAND – Moonland feat. Lenna Kuurmaa

moonlandThe record company office, sometime early 2014.  Approximately 2:47pm, European time.  A couple of hours of brainstorming for new ideas has reached a typical impasse.   A man in his mid fifties with thinning hair paces up and down anxiously.  Without anything fresh to put forth, he calls for assistance.  Taking a phone from the pocket of his thirty year old stonewashed jeans, he pokes at the keypad.

“Is that Del Vecchio?” he asks, somewhat expectantly, “we need your help… Do you have any new songs?  Bueno.  Do you have connections to any European female vocalists we’ve not yet recorded?  You do?  Stupendo!”…

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New project from Jack Blades and Doug Aldrich in the works

Hard rock legends Jack Blades (Night Ranger) and Doug Aldrich (Burning Rain/Whitesnake) have teamed up with Journey drummer Deen Castronovo to form a supergroup.

Aldrich stepped down from his role as Whitesnake guitarist in May.

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angelicaSince this debut record from Angelica Rylin pays homage to her childhood heroes Robin Beck and Ann Wilson, it’ll come as no surprise that the album, therefore, ploughs a well-worn furrow of melodic rock.   With Frontiers Records regular Daniel Flores handling production duties/drums/song-writing and other regulars Alessandro Del Vecchio and Robert Sall also having a hand in proceedings, the whole thing feels like an all-chums-together affair.  There’s nothing wrong with that per se, but obviously the combination of a familiar team and a rigid musical blueprint makes ‘Thrive’ feel wholly predictable.  So, given that this album breaks absolutely no new musical ground whatsoever, why should you check out Angelica, when there is so much other rock music out there vying for your attention?

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FIND ME – Wings Of Love

FIND MEBringing together the talents of Robbie LeBlanc (Blanc Faces), Daniel Palmquist (Xorigin) and noted session drummer/engineer Daniel Flores, Find Me is a project with strong foundations.  With a selection of songs written by Frontiers Records in-house regulars Allesandro Del Vecchio and Tom Wilson and contributions from Issa and Erik Mårtensson, the whole package is designed to be the AOR fans dream.  Usually when such big ambitions are chased such projects falter, but almost everything about Find Me works excellently.

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