Iron Maiden: Several hundred live shows surface online

At Real Gone, we very much consider ourselves Iron Maiden fans. Their best albums still represent some of the finest trad metal, and their best live shows – particularly those that look back through the past – create brilliant shared experiences for the fans.

Given how well loved their earlier material continues to be, it seems a pity that the band haven’t really revisited the archives very often. A few live shows appeared in the hard to find and expensive Eddie’s Archive box set, but save for a welcome CD reissue of ‘Maiden England’, very little from the past has circulated.

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Watch: Nine Inch Nails – Live @ Woodstock ’94 (full show)

If Woodstock ’94 is remembered for anything, it’s the mud. Well circulated footage of Green Day and Primus being pelted by massive lumps of grass and dirt has become synonymous with the nineties festival. Scene’s of crowds participating in mudslides and photographs of “mudmen” have almost become more legendary than performances by Bob Dylan, Traffic and The Allman Brothers Band.

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Gunslingers – Live At The Butchers Shoppe, Boston, April 7th 2010

Gunslingers were a band who just instinctively knew how to make a ferocious noise.  From their inception through to their split in 2012, the band constantly pushed the boundaries of garage rock, garage punk and no wave/rock in the name of their art.

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Listen: Black Sabbath Live – Born Again Tour

In a perfect world, Black Sabbath’s relationship with Ronnie James Dio wouldn’t have soured quite so quickly and the band would have followed their excellent ‘Mob Rules’ album with a world-conquering classic.  Then again, in that alternate universe, Dio wouldn’t have released ‘Holy Diver’ – one of the most perfect metal albums ever – so, maybe, things worked out for the best.

That was certainly the case for Dio.  Black Sabbath’s immediate fortunes were less perfect.  Their 1983 release, recorded with Ian Gillan, was a hit and miss affair that came housed in one of the poorest album sleeves you could ever (not) hope to see. Their Reading Festival headline slot later that year bordered on a car crash, culminating in a terrible rendition of ‘Smoke On The Water’, further cementing fan feelings that the short lived musical union between Tony Iommi and ex-Deep Purple vocalist Ian Gillan probably shouldn’t have happened.

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