Watch: Molly Tuttle covers Rancid

It’s been well known for a while that Molly Tuttle is one of the biggest and brightest talents among young artists in the Americana scene, but the couple of tracks that have been released ahead of her covers album shows how well she’s able to adapt her talents to other people’s material.  We’ve already heard her interpretations of Grateful Dead and Neil Young songs, but here is something unexpected…and quite special.

Another track from the forthcoming ‘…I’d Rather Be With You…’ (released on August 28th 2020), ‘Olympia, WA.’ was originally recorded by legendary punk band Rancid. Molly’s take on it strips the song back to reveal something that very much suits the folky style and shows what a great songwriter Tim Armstrong is. In a fitting tribute, Tuttle’s new video even comes in the bleached out black and while style championed by Armstrong himself! Watch the new clip below…

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