ONE DAY, AFTER SCHOOL – The Invisible Anchor

Wakefield’s One Day, After School released their debut EP ‘In Skeletal’ at the very beginning of 2016. Given the timing of the release and it only being a four song affair, it seemed fair to think that a full length album would drop at some point that summer. The summer came and went. Then autumn…then a very cold winter. The band were nowhere to be seen. Fast forward to Easter 2017 and – finally – their triumphant return. To say it was worth the wait would be an understatement, since ‘The Invisible Anchor’ taps into everything that made the EP enjoyable and more besides.

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MIRA – Mira EP

Emo. Originally shorthand for emotional hardcore and practised by melodic hardcore bands like Youth of Today, Rites of Spring et al, by the beginning of the twenty first century, anything labelled emo couldn’t be further away from those origins. There was a spell in the mid 90s where alternative rock bands with a slight indie leaning were also labelled emo (the best of which were the much missed Sense Field and the short-lived Shift) and they were great, but beyond that, emo just became a lazy tag for “whining sub-goth naval gazing with floppy fringe”. Surely, somewhere in the US, Brendan Canty wonders what the hell happened?

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Buffalo Tom: 25th anniversary edition of Let Me Come Over released in May

Peers to Dinosaur Jr. and Lemonheads, Boston’s favourite alt-rock sons, Buffalo Tom released their third album ‘Let Me Come Over’ in 1992.  It was arguably their first essential recording.   It’s hard to believe that it’s been gracing peoples’ turntables for a quarter of a century.

To mark this milestone anniversary, Beggars Banquet Records will release a 2CD and 2LP edition of the album on 19th May 2017.   The full official press release appears below.

The album can be purchased from the Beggars Banquet online store, here.


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