Marshall Crenshaw returning to the UK in November

US singer-songwriter and cult power pop performer Marshall Crenshaw will be performing at the Jazz Cafe in Camden, London on 20th November 2014. The gig marks his first performance in the UK for almost two decades.

The intimate live show ties in with the release of new material, beginning with an EP via Lojinx Records.

Full details – including a pre-order link for the EP and link to obtain tickets – are below.


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Engraved Disillusion: new album details

It’s been three years since their last studio album, but the UK’s “metal juggernaut” Engraved Disillusion are back with a new LP set for release on 31st October.

In the intervening years, the band have made a few changes – the addition of vocalist Matthew William Mead and new bassist Aaron Preston, allowing the band to utilise both throaty and clean vocals.

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SubservienceFollowing a busy couple of years yielding two self released EPs (one each in 2012 and 2013 respectively) and a truckload of live dates – including one in a town on a small island off the Kent coast – UK based death metallers Subservience showed no signs of resting in 2014.   If you thought that the departure of a frontman might set the band back, you couldn’t be more wrong.  With new blood and clearly invigorated by the near-endless touring, the band’s third release ‘Upheaval’ isn’t just hard, fast and generally uncompromising – it’s positively staggering.  As you’d expect, it’s top-notch in terms of production values and overall sound, but also in the complexity and quality of the material.

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