MUTINY MUTINY – Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Mutiny MutinyIn 2011, Seattle post-punk/noise rock trio Mutiny Mutiny self-released their debut album ‘Constellation’.  Between the angular noises and bass heavy groove there lied a collection of surprisingly accessible numbers, cut from various classic influences including Sonic Youth, Slint and Fugazi.  Although using a similar blueprint for their second release ‘Don’t Quit Your Day Job’, it’s immediately clear the band have grown in the intervening couple of years.  There are a couple of moments where the band obviously falters – a natural phenomenon with regards to making a second record – but, thankfully, the missteps are few.

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benedictumBenedictum’s third album ‘Dominion’ (released in 2010) presented a huge step forward for the US power metal outfit.  Their first release for Frontiers Records afforded the band a bigger budget than their previous and Benedictum seemed to relish this new beginning.  While the lyrics left much to be desired, musically it wasn’t a complete loss, including some impressive riffs throughout, bolstered by more than a few chunky drum parts.  ‘Dominion’ wasn’t an especially great record, but  by comparison, 2013’s ‘Obey’ is a crushing disappointment.

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The Selecter: “Too Much Pressure” tour dates, 2014

As previously announced, British ska legends The Selecter are to play their classic debut LP ‘Too Much Pressure’ in full at gigs in early 2014. The gigs mark thirty years since the album was released to critical and fan acclaim.

The tour spans many towns and venues between February and April. All confirmed appearances are listed below, with relevant phone numbers.

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