DETROIT REBELLION – Detroit Rebellion ’67 EP

DR67In the first quarter of 2013, blues duo Detroit Rebellion (once again, not from Detroit) dropped a release that captured a real sense of energy and grit.  Across it’s four songs vocalist/guitarist Jeff Toste and drummer Mikey Lams proved themselves worthy of standing alongside other similar duos.  It’s more than fair to say – at least on the lion’s share of the material – with regard to their swiftly delivered follow up ‘Detroit Rebellion of ’67, those who loved ‘Fork In The Road’ will find more to love here, while those unmoved by lo-fi blues sounds remain equally unmoved.  You’re either with the Rebels or you’re not – and if two men tackling the lo-fi blues is your bag, man, you’ve come to the right place.

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Radiohead: Full length vintage gig available for free via Noisetrade

In conjunction with Paste, the excellent online music source Noisetrade are offering a full length live recording from Radiohead ABSOLUTELY FREE.  What’s more, it’s from 1995 – recorded just a short time after the release of ‘The Bends’, y’know, back when they knew how to write accessible tunes.

For more details and to download Radiohead Live @ Tramps, June 1st 1995, follow the below link:

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II.II.II – A Conundrum On My Coffee Table EP

II.II.IIIn 2011, UK alternative metal band Mishkin released their debut EP ‘Row Away From The Rocks’.  Featuring some hefty guitar riffs and an impassioned vocal, the EP pointed the way towards great things in the future…and then the band broke up.  Mishkin’s vocalist Ben Davy subsequently joined art rock band II.II.II (aka 222), a band formed alongside his old bandmate Will MacGregor on bass.  222 pits their musical aptitude against ex-Tangaroa members Matt ‘Baldi’ Baldwinson and Si Blakelock on guitar and drums respectively.   The combination of talents from the two bands makes for a very tight – if a little scary – alternative/mathcore outfit.

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